Student Insurance

Student Insurance Plans

Square One Health Group is excited to announce that we have teamed up with many of your health insurance companies to make your health care experience much more streamlined.


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International Students

We are now set up to accept to UHIP and Guard Me for medical walk in visits with our doctors.

We are also partnered with Guard Me and Desjardins for your supplementary health care needs such as dental care and dental emergencies, and prescriptions.

We have a guideline sheet for these insurance companies in the office to further help you with percentages that are covered, as it can be quite confusing!




Domestic Students

Most of you will be covered under OHIP, or your own provincial plans for your medical needs.

Some of you will have health insurance through your parents plans.

Those of you don’t share a plan with your parents, will have a mandatory supplementary health insurance plan through your school for extended health care, vision care, dental care and prescriptions.

Our office deals with ALL insurance companies for your medical, dental and pharmaceutical needs